Dampers for household appliances

Our dampers increase the level of convenience of household appliances, such as washing machines and refrigerators. Thanks to our wide product range, you will find the right washing machine damper for every requirement, from the standard vibration damper to the sensor damper. Our refrigerator dampers are also indispensable in everyday life. The SUSPA dampers dampen the door closing motion so they even close more gently under full load.

  • Washing machine damper

    Friction dampers for washing machines

    Our washing machine dampers (also called vibration dampers, friction dampers) are mainly used in automatic washing machines (in household and commercial). The diverse product range solves every task, both with European front loaders as well as with American top loaders. Thanks to our extensive product range of friction dampers, you will find the right product for every need, from the standard vibration damper to the sensor damper, which detects the load in the drum and economically coordinates the washing detergent, water and program together.

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  • Refrigerator damper

    Soft-closing for refrigerator doors

    Our refrigerator damper dampens the door closing movement and ensures a gentle and secure closing, even with a full load. The door closes automatically up to an opening angle of 60°. From an opening angle larger than 60°, the door remains in the position in which they were left.

    Due to the dynamic damping, loads between 10 kg an 50 kg are gently guided into the stop when closing. Even closing the refrigerator door more forcefully does not cause any or only few rattling noises. It is also new in the field of damping technology that this damper is filled with food-compatible oil at SUSPA.

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