Quality Management

We take the constantly growing demands of our customers, society and the environment as well as the ever-shorter delivery times and steadily rising cost pressure into consideration in order to ensure the continued success of our company. The management system at SUSPA includes a systematic, integrated quality and environmental management, in which all employees are involved.

We are aware of the fact that the quality of our services has a decisive influence on the success of SUSPA. Our contribution to customers must therefore be to provide completely satisfactory and absolutely fault-free products.

Constant improvements to products and processes as well as the inclusion of all employees in the continuous improvement process guarantee our competitiveness now and in the future.

Our challenge is to maintain the competitiveness of our customers. That is why we really prioritize customer service and the constant fulfillment of customer requirements.

We are aware of our social responsibility and are committed to social issues with local and regional activities.

The SUSPA quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001. All locations that supply automotive customers also meet the requirements of IATF 16949. This is confirmed by appropriate certificates.

SUSPA pursues a strict quality and environmental policy.

  • Sustainability in the Supply Chain of SUSPA GmbH

    SUSPA GmbH, 90518 Altdorf, started to implement the sustainability requirements of the European Automotive Working Group on Supply Chain Sustainability (EAWGSCS) in mid-2014.

    EAWGSCS is a working group consisting of several automotive manufacturers whose goal it is to promote sustainable development in the entire value added chain. A uniform "Automotive Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire" (SAQ) was developed on the topic of CSR/sustainability. The jointly developed automotive SAQ is used to provide an initial assessment of the supplier's performance with respect to sustainability, such as socially and environmentally-relevant sustainability aspects, business behavior and governance as well as supplier management. The questionnaire is based on the jointly adopted Automotive Industry Guiding Principles to Enhance Sustainability Performance in the Supply Chain. Based on the SAQ, the questionnaire at SUSPA was assimilated and created based on the processes applied there.

    In the period of one year, the main suppliers of SUSPA GmbH (all A / all B and selected C-suppliers) were tendered and asked to answer the questionnaire.

    The results were evaluated by strategic purchasing and evaluated together with the quality / environmental management officer of SUSPA GmbH. All answers were selectively evaluated. No infringement of the exclusion criteria has been identified with the tendered suppliers, which would result in measures with the SUSPA-internal specialist departments for the environment, social affairs and recycling.

    The sustainability in the supply chain of SUSPA GmbH is thus verified and positively determined.


    Altdorf, on June 23, 2017

  • REACH Statement

    SUSPA Interim Summary, as per 24th January 2023

    Summary and positioning according to the activities and analyses by the REACH working group. Valid for SUSPA GmbH in Altdorf and Sulzbach as well as SUSPA-Bor:

    1. SUSPA does not manufacture any substances or preparations.
    2. SUSPA does not import any substances or preparations from outside the EU.
    3. Nearly all of the procured auxiliary and operating materials (A&O) are preparations within the sense of REACH. A few auxiliary and operating materials are substances that are essentially used for laboratory requirements.
    4. SUSPA procures PRODUCTS from within and outside of the EU from which nothing is intended to be released. For their part, these procured PRODUCTS become part of the PRODUCTS produced by SUSPA.
    5. For its part, SUSPA manufactures PRODUCTS from which nothing is intended to be released.

    -> SUSPA is thus a downstream user in the sense of the REACH regulation for almost all of the substances to be considered.

    -> According to the current status of examination (01/24/2023), there are no registration requirements for SUSPA GmbH with locations in Altdorf and Sulzbach as well as the location of Bor in the Czech Republic!

    SUSPA activities related to Registration:

    SUSPA is dependent on the upstream supplier making the necessary substance registrations. For their part, the SUSPA suppliers are usually also "only" product manufacturers or preparers and usually do not have to register themselves.

    As a downstream user, SUSPA called on select suppliers of preparations (usually with annual delivery quantities > 200 kg) during the pre-registration phase to ensure the pre-registration status or the registration status.

    SUSPA activities relating to the substances of the REACH candidate list (SVHC):

    SUSPA complies with the information requirements regarding substances of the candidate list (SVHC = Substances of Very High Concern) required in article 33 of the REACH regulation. This requires a continuous observation process, since the candidate list is currently growing steadily.

    As per January 2023 (list status per 01/17/2023), the SVHC candidate list Shows 233 entries.

    SUSPA is also dependent on active information from the suppliers with respect to the SVHC.

    The REACH regulation itself requires all of our suppliers to actively inform us if SVHC are contained in the purchased products with a weight proportion greater than 0.1%.

    New suppliers are obliged to comply with the REACH requirements by means of the SUSPA quality assurance agreement.

    Furthermore, SUSPA requires REACH confirmations from the suppliers for new procured products as part of the supplier quality planning.

    If material data is maintained via the IMDS (International Material Data System) (e.g. all automotive products), the suppliers have to specify the pure substances and therefore also the SVHC in the IMDS. Based on this information, SUSPA is informed whether any SVHC are contained and can check whether SVHC are present in the manufactured items with a weight proportion greater than 0.1%.

    SVHC Resume as per 17 January 2023:

    To this day, SUSPA has no information that SVHC with a weight proportion > 0.1% are present in the products made by SUSPA considering the associated interpretation explanations


    Based on current knowledge, SUSPA does not have to meet notification requirements to the ECHA according to article 7(2) of the REACH Regulation 

  • Conflict Minerals

    Explanation of H.R. 4173 "Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act" Section 1502 "Conflict Minerals"

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding the obligations concerning the American bill H.R. 4173 ‘‘Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act’’ Section 1502 on “Conflict Minerals” as well as the EU-regulation 2017 / 821 observe Conflict Minerals in the EU.

    Our company is monitoring the American efforts to ban and observe monitor exploitation and trade with conflict minerals originating in the Democratic Re-public of Congo and the adjoining countries very closely. This is also true for the implementation provisions as of August 2012. The application and commitment to observe and consider the EU regulation 2017 / 821 was checked by consulting our Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Considering all arguments and facts according to article 1, paragraph 2 and 3 and as well annex 1 we are not classified as direct importer.
    As a German company we do not directly fall under the scope of application of both regulations. Nevertheless we pay very much attention to the national, Eu-ropean and international developments regarding ethical, social and environ-mental standards.

    Therefore, we for the time being can assume that according to information available to us the material does not contain any of the defined “conflict miner-als” like tin, tungsten, tantalum or gold from the Democratic Republic of Congo or its adjoining countries that in the meaning of the above regulations are nec-essary to the functionality or production of the products manufactures by us. Changes to our knowledge regarding this issue would surely be advised to you immediately.


    Altdorf, November 2022

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