Locking gas spring with elastic locking

The elastically lockable gas springs are then to be recommended if a spring-back of the lock is desired. Pulsed peak loads can be damped or even avoided this way.

  • Model EL1 and EL2

    These two models differ only in the diameter of the pressure tube. Since the piston separates two gas chambers when the valve is closed, the piston rod also springs in the locked state due to exterior loads. Pulsed peak loads are damped or even avoided. This makes applications possible that require convenient locking.


    in compression direction:
    max. load
    6,500 N10,000 N
    in Extension direction:
    max. load
    3,500 N7,000 N
    Tube diameter22 mm 28 mm
    Piston rod diameter10 mm10 mm
    min. installation length excluding eyelet2.6 x stroke + 70 mm2.4 x stroke + 70 mm
    Stroke C 10 - 339 mm10 - 450 mm
    Extension forces F180 - 800 N80 - 1,000 N
    Progression ratio (F2/F1)< 1.25< 1.2
    Release force 0.25 x F1 N0.25 x F1 N
    Release travel, short< 0.5 mm< 0.5 mm
    Release travel, normal2.5 ≤  x ≤ 3.5 mm2.5 ≤  x ≤ 3.5 mm
    Recommend installation lengthPiston rods facing downPiston rods facing down
    Permissible operating temperature-20°C to +60°C-20°C to +60°C
    Permissible storage temperature-20°C to +80°C-20°C to +80°C
    Possible special functions:
    EasySwitch ESxx
    TimeReset TR--
    OverRide OR--
    ComfortReleaseLow CLxx


    Application Examples

    • Backrest adjustment of seats
    • Height adjustments of medical devices
    • Adjustments of armrests

Standard program

The standard program for elastic locking gas springs includes two different types.

Type∅ Tube (mm)∅  Piston rod (mm)Stroke (mm)Extension force* F1 (N)Color tubeColor piston rodType of locking
EL1221020 - 250200 - 800blackTeniferelastic
EL2281020 - 250200 - 1,000blackTeniferelastic

*The extension force is selectable in steps of 50 Newton.


As a system supplier, we offer different end fittings and release systems that are specially tailored to the respective application for our lockable gas spring Varilock. This ensures an optimal function of the lockable gas springs. 

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