Gas springs, dampers and adjustment systems for industry

Using gas springs (lockable and non-lockable) and hydraulic dampers in the industrial sector make it easy and convenient to open and close protective covers, maintenance flaps or other flaps. Gas springs and dampers ensure the comfort and safety of the user. Our height adjustment systems convert workbenches and assembly tables into ergonomic workplaces. Machinery systems and production lines can be equipped for high loads with our adjustment systems.

Our products for industry

ApplicationGas springsLockable gas springsHydraulic DampersFriction DamperMovotecSMSVariStand and VariBase
Cover flapxxx
Individual and special work stationsxxxx
Color mixerx
Industrial cleaning systemsxx
Machine claddingxxxx
Packing / assembly tablexxxx
Belt / chain tensionerx
Protective coverxxx
Tripod for lighting or curing systemx
Weld exhaust systemxx
Welding systemx
Accident and sound insulation flapxxx
Vacuum packaging machinexxx

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