Gas springs and dampers for aviation

SUSPA® gas springs, lockable gas springs and dampers can easily keep up with the demanding requirements of aviation. Our special products with lightweight dimensions can be found in luggage storage compartments, vehicle seats and in other cabin furnishings.

  • Stowage compartments

    Lightweight dampers from SUSPA® help to avoid downward-opening stowage compartments from hard impacts or excessive vibration amplitudes. 



    • Protection of the components against overload by actively limiting the damping force using an innovative valve system 
    • By adjusting the damping force, a simple modification of the opening speed is possible with the same space requirement 
    • Easy Close Feature - easy closing of the loaded stowage compartments - the necessary hand force of the operator is reduced by up to 30%


    Our products for stowage compartments

  • Airplane seats

    The lightweight lockable gas struts are ideal for the comfortable and safe adjustment of the sitting and lying position of passenger and pilot seats. They convince with an excellent weight-performance ratio. High-tensile aluminium is used as basic material for the piston rod, which means that the component weight can be reduced by up to 30% while maintaining the same mechanical properties. 


    Complete solution (Gas strut, release system, bowden cable and release button)

    The release system is quick and easy to assemble and allows flexible positioning of the gas strut. It is weight-optimized thanks to the use of high-performance plastics.


    Bowden cable

    • SUSPA® LightVersion Cable - for weight optimisation 29g/m, based on a round wire sheath
    • SUSPA® HighFlex Cable  - for maximum flexibility in tight spaces, based on a flat wire sheath
    • SUSPA® ConstantLength Cable - for constant lengths regardless of the installation position and length of the bowden cable, based on a flat wire sheath with coating

    Release button

    • Proven technology
    • Optionally also available as light variant

    Complete solution (Gas strut, bowden cable, release button)














    Our products for airplane seats

  • Other cabin furnishings

    SUSPA® gas springs are also used in the flaps of trash cans, the exterior door of the airplane and many other applications in order to ensure a secure opening and closing.


    Our products for other cabin furnishings

Do you have an individual application for which you are looking for a suitable product? Then get in touch with us. We are happy to help you.