The customer may use any of several varieties of fixations to connect dampers and the spring legs to the washing machine or other devices. The decision as to which fixation is based on the design of the washing machine and the demands of the system. This is an overview covering some of our common fixation options. More fixation options are available. If you have questions, we look forward to hearing from you.


For each technical demand we can provide to you the best solution and fixation.

  • Fixation for Damper
    • Steel Bushing

    The steel bushing is fastened with a screw or bolt and nut. These fixations are very stable and also very easy to install, maintain, and service.


    Friction damper with the fixation Steel Bushin


    • Plastic - Bush with pin

    Here, the plastic bushing is used together with the plastic pin to fix the damper in the machine. This fixation has a very attractive material cost. 


    Friction damper with the fixation plastic bush pin


    • Quick Fixation

    The quick fixation installs quickly with a simple twist. This fixation requires special notches to install the damper into the cabinet and into the drum. 


    Friction damper with quick fixation


    • U - Bracket with pin

    This U-Bracket with pin fixation is very stable and designed for heavy duty use. The fixation comes with a nut that connects the U-Bracket to the washing machine cabinet. This U-Bracket requires two through holes for mounting to the cabinet.


    Friction damper with the fixation U-Bracket with pin

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Friction dampers from SUSPA® are mainly used in automatic washing machines.