Gas springs with special functions

In addition to our standard product range, we also offer you different special solutions for our gas springs.

  • Automobile gas spring

    In automotive applications, gas springs aid the opening function of tailgates, trunk lids and hoods. They control the opening behavior and can be used wherever a functionally reliable and convenient operation is expected with a low energy expenditure. Gas springs are the ideal opening aids due to the flexible adjustment of forces with constant dimensions and due to the flat characteristic curves.

    Automotive gas springs

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  • Gas spring with mechanical spring

    The spring characteristic (force progression) changes by means of a gas spring with an integrated mechanical spring.

    Characteristic curve of the pipe with a mechanical spring


    A force diagram with a progressive characteristic curve (progressive course) is created due to a mechanical spring in the pipe between the piston and bottom of the pipe.

    Characteristic curve of the piston rod with a mechanical spring 


    A force diagram with a degressive characteristic curve (degressive course) is created due to a mechanical spring

  • Gas spring with lubrication reservoir

    The gas spring with lubrication reservoir is based on the Space-Mat principle. This principle means that a plastic foam that is around the piston rod absorbs lubricants via capillary effects in the cavities and dispenses them again later when lubrication is needed. This significantly improves the service duration of the gas spring, especially when used in technically demanding environments (dirt and dust).

    Gas spring with lubrication reservoir


    Special conditions

    • Suitable for use in technically demanding environments (dirt and dust)
    • Suitable for special installation situations (e.g. piston rod facing up)
  • Gas spring with protective cap

    If the gas spring is used in a particularly dirty or dusty environment, it may be necessary to protect the seal by using protective caps made of rubber or plastic. The protective cap is intended to ensure that no dirt and dust particles in the environment penetrate into the gas spring seal when actuating the flap. Using the protective cap therefore also has a positive effect on the service life of the gas spring in these installation situations. 

    Gas spring with protective cap

    In an extremely dirty environment, the protection that is guaranteed by the protective cap may not be sufficient. In these extreme environmental conditions, it is advisable to use a Space-Mat gas spring (gas spring with lubrication reservoir) from SUSPA®.

  • Positioning gas spring (Friction gas spring)

    The positioning gas spring is the right solution if a flap is not to automatically open all the way to the uppermost position. The gas spring supports the force, but remains securely in the respective position desired by the user. An interim stop is also possible in any position. The gas spring can be optimized for the respective application due to the different fill pressure.


    Friction pneumatic spring from SUSPA

     Special conditions

    • Force support during the opening function
    • Interim stop possible in any position, therefore optimal accessibility to the flap

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