Piston rods and tubes

Rotary and translatory moving piston rods, shafts and tubes meet the highest quality standards due to our decades-long expertise. The precisely coordinated production steps of turning, hardening, grinding, surface coating and polishing ensure a high surface quality. For the surface refinement, in addition to the hard chrome plating for low friction and durability, we use salt bath nitriding too, which meets the requirements for corrosion protection. This results in black piston rods with an extremely hard and smooth surface, which offer less surface to be affected by harmful influences. The roughness values are precisely met depending on the series and are reliably kept within the micrometer range.

In addition to the classic versions, SUSPA® also offers you complex geometries such as cross-bores, millings, different diameters or axial deep hole bores. Take advantage of our experience with customers and manufacturers of chassis dampers or hydraulic cylinders who exclusively purchase their piston rods from us.


What is a piston rod, how is it built and on what expertise can you rely for SUSPA®  production? 

  • What is a piston rod?

    The piston rod is a component of a coordinated tribological system.

  • Structure of a piston rod
    Diameter of a piston rod4 - 26 mm
    Diameter of the tube4 - 26 mm
    Length35 - 700 mm
    Roughness≥ Ra 0,1 μm / Rt 1,0 μm
    MaterialsSteel, stainless steel, aluminum
    Surface refinementhard chrome plating, salt bath nitration (inhouse),
    browning, galvanizing, passivating (with external partners)
  • Production Expertise

    CNC turning

    With the latest multi-axis CNC turning machines, we offer you conventional cam-controlled, simple turning as well as the economical complete machining of turned parts in one clamping.



    Inductive through-hardening ensures the hardening of predetermined zones in the component. It is a technology that can be customized to your needs.


    Centerless through-feed grinding

    SUSPA grinding lines ensure high throughput speeds and optimal economic efficiency. You can expect an optimal surface quality with roughness values up to Ra 0.1 µm, depending on the material and diameter requirement.



    Hard chrome plating, salt bath nitriding (inhouse), browning, galvanizing, passivating (with external partners) achieve high corrosion resistance and wear resistance. This means extremely large load changes over the entire service life for your products.



    The prerequisite of a tribological system is a flawless surface, which we achieve through a final optimized finishing, without a significant removal of material.



    A provision of our components adapted to your logistics requirements in the batch sizes you need is a matter of course.

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SUSPA® piston rods and tubes offer comfort and safety in many applications.