Tube LengthsMinimum Tube Length for stroke ≤ 300Minimum Tube Length for stroke > 300
Min: 118 mm(A) = rod (B) + 43(A) = rod (B) + 55
Max: 668 mmTube Diameter: 28 mm
Rod Diameter: 14 mm


All Dimensions in Millimeters

One inch = 25.4 Millimeters
One pound = 4.448 Newtons

Minimum and maximum forces are expressed in the extended position (P1). Maximum compressed forces will exceed extended forces by 30% to 80%, depending on internal oil quantity.

Tube bodies are treated with a highly corrosion-resistant coating. The piston rods are induction-hardened prior to receiving a durable, black nitride surface.

Each SUSPA® gas spring is manufactured with a specific quantity of oil, which serves both as a lubricant and damping medium. Relatively higher oil quantities increase damping and also increase the extended-to compressed force ratio.

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SUSPA® gas springs offer comfort and safety in many applications.