Gas struts, dampers and adjustment systems for the automotive industry

In line with the future trend towards safety, SUSPA products are used in many functions in the car to aid with opening and lowering the tailgate, to adjust the seat position and especially to provide protection in the event of accidents: SUSPA products thus offer more active safety for the passengers.

  • Interior

    SUSPA develops and produces a variety of systems that can be used inside the car. Seats need to increase the safety and comfort of driving, provide the optimal seat position and use our extra-quiet seat adjustment systems to achieved the desired position. Hydraulic dampers also provide more safety in the vehicle seat. The steering column damper is another safety component that protects the driver in the event of a high-speed crash together with an airbag and seat belt. The flaps inside the vehicle can open and close easily with the help of gas pressure springs and dampers.


    Our products for the interior

  • Body

    The SUSPA systems can also be used in the body. Crash management systems absorb the forces of the body in the event of an accident, thus increasing safety in road traffic. The rear spoilers controlled via sensors extend fully automatically from the body and ensure for safe driving pleasure in the upper speed ranges.


    Our products in the body

  • Convertible

    SUSPA has developed a system for the convertible to conveniently open and close the convertible top smoothly at any time and especially safely while sitting at the push of a button.


    Our products for the convertible

  • Doors and flaps

    SUSPA produces gas struts for the sector of doors and flaps in the car. Using gas struts, the flaps can be opened and closed extremely conveniently and in a manner that preserves materials. We also offer electric opening and closing systems. The dampers specially developed for loading flaps also make it possible to open downwards in a damped manner and to close upwards in a force-assisted manner.


    Our products for doors and flaps

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