Automobile dampers

SUSPA also offers you various special solutions for the automotive
sector in addition to the standard dampers. Contact us to find the right solution for your application.

  • Closure Damper (flap stop)

    Stop Damper / flap stop

    The "flapstop" closure damper is a damper that brakes a flap or door due to its special identifier. In this way, there cannot be damage to the vehicle even in the event of misuse. The gap dimensions can thus be minimized by the flap stop so that the flaps and doors close smoothly. Additional functions, such as the "pop-up," can be integrated.

  • Seat Damper


    SUSPA offers you systems for the optimal seat comfort, which are particularly suitable for professional drivers. You get a perfectly tuned performance for every application case due to the adjustable and non-adjustable dampers. We find the right damper for every application by selecting the ideal characteristic form (digressive, progressive, linear).

    For the driver's seats in commercial vehicles, we offer 2-tube dampers, among other things, that offer maximum seat comfort due to their adjustability.

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SUSPA automobile dampers offer comfort and safety in many applications.