Standard range of Liftline gas struts type 16-12

TypeØ Tube (mm)Ø Piston rod (mm)Stroke max. (mm)Extension force F(N)
16-1212415040 - 180


Gas strut type 16-12 Thread/Thread

Gas spring 16-12 mit end fitting thread

 All dimensions in mm, The standard color of the tube is black and the piston rod is chrome.

(mm ±2)
Stroke (mm)Technical dataExtension force F1 (N)
40 N ≤ F₁ ≤ 180 N

  27212016-12-149-123-AM4-BM440 N ≤ F₁ ≤ 120 N


15016-12-179-153-AM4-BM440 N ≤ F₁ ≤ 90 N


You will find the end fitting overview when clicking on the blue download button.

The gradation of forces can be individually selected. Please specify the extension force and the desired connections (see downloads) when ordering as follows:

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