Rigid locking in the direction of compression

The locking gas spring Varilock HY6 was developed especially for desk height-adjustment systems and special industrial applications. The main focus lies on an absolute rigid locking in the direction of compression, together with a maximised stroke and low compressed force. You frequently find this gas spring used in combination with our desk override function for table height adjustment systems.

Specification HY6

Specification HY6
LockingRigid in compressive direction
In compression direction: rigid to [N] / max. load [N]1,200
In extension direction: rigid to [N] / max. load [N]1.6 x F1
Tube diameter [mm]28
Piston rod diameter [mm]10
Min. installation length excluding eyelet [mm]2 x stroke + 110
Stroke C [mm]10 - 450
Extension forces F1 [N]70 - 400
Progression (F1/F2)< 1.6
Release force [N]0.25 x F1
Release travel, short [mm]< 0.5
Release travel, normal [mm]2.5≤ x3.5
Recommended installation position
Permissible operating temperature-10°C to +60°C
Permissible storage temperature-20°C to +80°C
Possible special functions in addition:
AntiShock AS-
EasySwitch ES-
TimeReset TR-
OverRide ORX
ComfortRelease CH/CLX

All Dimensions in Millimeters


One inch = 25.4 millimeters

One pound = 4.448 Newtons