Fitness devices

Our proven Friction Damper System is now also used inside the innovative fitness device SYWOS ONE.


    Innovative, modern fitness device with resistance in both directions


    The SYWOS ONE uses the proven friction technology and is the first portable fitness device that enables antagonistic workouts - without additional weights. The double-concentric function is extremely efficient and gentle with little strain on the joints and engage complete muscle systems. The SYWOS ONE is especially beneficial for training the shoulder and back. The stepless adjustable resistance makes the SYWOS ONE a valuable addition for beginners and fitness enthusiasts. Furthermore, the SYWOS ONE has been designed to be compact and very light so that you can take it with you everywhere and it is ideal for enterprise health programs. Symmetrical, safe and simple training with the SYWOS ONE.

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    friction force*weight [g]compressed length [mm]extended length [mm]

    15 - 60 N or

    1,5 - 6 kg


    610 (grip to grip) or

    370 (without grips)

    885 (grip to grip) or

    645 (without grips)


    *temperature and speed-dependent

    Customer specific solutions are possible.