Damper HD25 standard program

Dampers from SUSPA guarantee an even and consistent damping. They are ideal as a movement damper for a variety of applications. Due to the wide range of both length and damping variants, hydraulic dampers HD25 support the smooth control of the movement while lifting and lowering your individual flap application.


  • Unobtrusive and effective
  • Suitable for high load requirements
  • Long lifetime
  • Damping forces can be supplied in tension or compression directions
TypeØ Tube (mm)Ø Piston rod (mm)Hydr. stroke (mm)Mech. stroke (mm)Damping forces (N)Color tubeColor piston rod
HD2525891 - 20691 - 206100 - 4,000blackchrome

Damper Softline with dimensions

Length (mm)Stroke (mm)Damping forces (N)1Order number
Extended length LoutCompressed length Lin Hydr.Mech.TensionComp.
2311409191650< 10001110650
1,500< 10001110651
308179105129< 100650 01110653
< 1001,50001110654
< 1004,00001110655
320179141141650< 10001110656
1,500< 10001110657
426238153188< 10065001110659
< 1001,50001110660
< 1004,00001110661
4982922206206650< 10001110662
1,500< 10001110663




< 10065001110665
< 1001,50001110666
< 1004,00001110667

1Test speed linear: 100 mm/s
2With this length the actual value of the compressed length is different than you can see in the list above.

End fittings

End fittings A (tube side)End fittings B (piston rod side)
Dämpferanschluss Auge A412
Clevis A412
Dämpferanschluss Auge B412
Clevis B412
Dämpferanschluss Gabelkopf A21
Fork head A21
Dämpferanschluss Gabelkopf B21
Fork head B21
Dämpferanschluss Kugelgelenk A202
Ball joint A202

Dämpferanschluss Kugelgelenk B202

Ball joint B202

Dämpferanschluss Kugelgelenk A207
Ball joint A207
Dämpferanschluss Kugelgelenk B207
Ball joint B207

 All figures in mm.