Locking gas struts with special functions

With the Varilock lockable gas struts, the SUSPA expertise is in particular distinguished by the finely mechanical valve design, which allows for a variety of special functions to be realized. The user thus not only receives a gas strut, but rather an intelligent system that adds indispensable added value to the application.

  • AntiShock AS: Convenience and safety

    Lockable gas spring with AntiShock function

    The lockable gas strut with the "AntiShock" module detects the load state of the application and responds specific to the situation. When used in an office chair with dynamic free oscillation, the lockable gas strut Varilock with AntiShock allows the user a convenient movement sequence (comfort function) on the one hand.
    On the other hand, the unloaded backrest slowly moves back from the tilted to the vertical position when unlocked, thus preventing a catapult effect (safety feature).

    With height-adjustable tables with a low dead weight, but a higher payload (lockable gas strut with high extension force), the Varilock allows for a fast adjustment of the loaded table, but prevents the undesired quick start-up when unlocking the empty table through AntiShock.

  • EasySwitch ES: Locking that can be switched on and off

    The "EasySwitch" module gives the user the opportunity to control the valve "digitally," namely alternating from the closed to the permanently opened position and back.

    The change between the two states is controlled by actuating the control element. With a chair, the EasySwitch keeps the valve open (oscillating feature) or closed (locked backrest) after actuation.

  • OverRide OR: Convenient extension without actuation

    The "OverRide" module makes it possible to release the locking in the extension direction without actuating the release. For table applications, the height is adjusted by applying a slight pulling force on the tabletop. Once reaching the desired position, the locking is rigid in the pressing direction.

    OverRide causes an extremely convenient operation that was originally designed for use in hospital beds and side tables. OverRide in particular allows for the single-handed actuation of the application.

  • TimeReset TR: Automatic reset

    Lockable gas spring with TimeReset function

    The "TimeReset" module automatically detects whether the application is loaded with a user weight or not. Under load, the lockable gas strut works conventionally and allows for variable locking. When the application is not loaded, the lockable pneumatic spring returns to its starting position (vertical backrest) within a defined time period.  

    TimeReset is particularly suitable for passenger seats, cinema and theatre seating or conference chairs.

  • ComfortReleaseLow CL: Extremely easy operation of gas struts

    Lockable gas spring with ComfortReleaseLow function

    Using the "ComfortReleaseLow" module can adjust the lockable gas strut to the requirements of any release system in order to achieve maximum operating comfort. Conventional valve designs (standard release) cannot be conveniently triggered in the event of high extension forces. SUSPA ensures a convenient release through the lowest possible manual force on the actuating element (knob, lever). We are happy to advise you in the optimization of your application.

  • Lightweight lockable gas strut

    Lockable gas struts for aviation are ideal for the comfortable and safe adjustment of the sitting and lying position of passenger and pilot seats.


    Special features

    • Optimized weight due to the aluminum piston rod (60% weight savings compared to a conventional piston rod made of steel with the same performance)
    • High strength
    • Low release force
    • High spring stiffness


    Application Examples

    • Backrest adjustment in passenger and pilot seats
    • Leg rest for business and first class seats

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SUSPA locking gas struts offer comfort and safety in many applications.