User Manuals & Instructions

Movotec® Table Lift Systems:

Bolt-On Manuals:

Hand Crank         Motorized         Hand Crank (old)

ATU Manuals:

Hand Crank         Motorized          

Corner Leg Manuals:

Hand Crank         Motorized

Dual-Drive Manual:


Refill Kit Instructions:

PDF Instructions

Gas Springs:

Installation instructions - Ball socket clip installation.

This is for metal ball sockets end fitting using a metal C clip.

Installation instructions - Gas springs with plastic ball sockets

This is for standard gas springs using our AB101 end fitting (D68-01000 or D68-01030)

Which direction do I mount my cylinder rod up or rod down?

Read this so you install the cylinder in the right direction adding years to its use!

Storage and Disposal Guidelines -  Proper storage can contribute to performance and life expectancy.