Dampers for white goods (home appliance)

SUSPA washing machine dampers

SUSPA® dampers for white goods markedly increase the comfort in the household, especially in household appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators.

Washing machine dampers for quiet moments

Washing machine dampers

The washing machines are dampened by the SUSPA® washing machine dampers and the spinning programme is a lot quieter as a result. Thanks to our extensive range of washing machine dampers you can find the right product for every need, from the standard vibration damper to the sensor damper, which recognises the loading of the drum and economically matches detergent and water to the programme selected.

Soft-closing system for refrigerator doors

refrigerator damper

Our refrigerator damper dampens the movement of the door when closing and guarantees soft closing even when full. From a certain opening angle onwards the door closes by itself, making refrigerator doors left open a thing of the past.