Other sectors

SUSPA offers solutions for your applications.

Other possible uses for our gas springs, dampers and adjustment systems

It is in the range of possible applications that SUSPA® products demonstrate their strengths. That is why roughly 30 lines of business with more than 1,200 applications rely on SUSPA® gas springs and hydraulic dampers. And more are doing so all the time. High operational reliability, easy handling, and user comfort are the focus of our solutions to the industry. You will find more sample applications of our products in the following tables.

Building industry:


Applications Gas springs Locking gas springs Dampers
Lifts      x
Garret stairs      x               x
Roof exit      x
Skylight      x
Shutters      x
Emergency exit windows       x
Garage doors      x                x      x
Neon signs      x
Awnings      x
Waste containers      x                x      x
Smoke extraction vents      x
Rooflights      x

Sport and Leisure:


Applications Gas springs Locking gas springs Dampers
Basketball hoop      x
Fitness devices      x
Bowling lane      x
Camping table      x
Bicycle damper      x
Bicycle carrier      x
Roof box/jetbags      x
Cosmetic couch                  x
Circulation trainer      x
Treadmills                 x
Jukebox      x
Solarium      x

Sales accessories:

Application Gas springs Locking gas springs Dampers Pneum. adjustment Hydr. adjustment
Showcase    x       x        x
Barber's chair     x      x
Drinks dispenser      x
Refrigerated counter    x        x
Locker    x
Safe    x
Sales counter    x        x
Cigarette vending machine    x