Interior - driving safely and arriving comfortably

Seats in Commercial, Construction und Acricultural Vehicles and Passenger Cars

Intelligente Verstellsysteme für individuelle Einstellungen.
Sitze im Automobil

Seats must increase the driving safetey and comfort and provide the optimum seating position. The high art are our extremely silent seat adjustment systems. They tilt seats in every desired position. Safety is provided with our dampers in the vehicle seat as integrated system: in the case of an accident they reduce injuries.

Safety Component Steering Column

Prallt der Fahrer beim Crash auf das Lenkrad, taucht die Lenksäule ein und die Energie wird absorbiert.

A SUSPA® damper integrated in the steering column will protect the driver in the case of a crash together with the airbag and the seat belt. A life-saver that can adapt its expenditure of energy to the driving speed.


Lids in Busses, Commercial Vehicles and Passenger Cars

Systemlösungen für unterstütztes Öffnen und Schließen.

SUSPA® develops and produces numerous systems that support opening and closing of all kinds of lids in busses, commercial vehicles or passenger cars.