SUSPA simplifies safety in the automobile

Crash test in the SUSPA® technical center
Crash tests

Impact Absorbers

Impact Absorbers from SUSPA® are fully reversible with very high efficiency, reset themselves completely after a crash and can be dashed as often as required.



Pedestrian protection system
Pedestrian protection system

Pedestrian Protection

SUSPA® developed the hood lifting system with pressurized air or pyrotechnics to actively protect pedestrians who are involved in accidents. Both techniques lift the hood and thus enlarge the crush zone. The hood absorbs the main part of the impact energy and reduces the exposure values of the human being.

At higher speeds, the spoiler goes off automatically.
Rear wing adjustment

Powered Spoilers

SUSPA® systems give the right pressure: rear spoilers, controlled by sensors, extend fully automaticly from the body and provide a safe driving pleasure in the upper speed ranges.