Bolt-on system (retrofit system)

The bolt-on system is supplied as a retrofit kit. The retrofit system allows you to retrofit your work table, which you have not been able to adjust so far, with a few handles and make it height adjustable as a result.



  • Choice of preconfigured solutions or individual solutions
  • Especially convenient - display-controlled option also available on request - operation of the electric motor drive
  • Convenient manual height adjustment for crank operation since little effort is required
  • Synchronous height adjustment of up to eight legs possible
  • Height adjustment of heavy loads possible (more than 900 kg)
  • Simple assembly and intuitive operation
  • Comprehensive and self-explanatory delivery packets with accessories and documentation


  Medicine and Reha Engineering: 
  • Comfortable and safe lifting and lowering of stretchers
  • Autopsy tables
  • Entry / Exit assistances (e.g. height adjustment for bath tubs)
  • Incubator
physiotherapy table
  • Workbenches
  • Conveyors
  • Assembly lines
  • Machines
Furniture Industry:
  • Kitchen: Height adjustment of kitchen islands, sinks, working tables and other kitchen facilities

  • Work place: Height adjustment of stand-alone and group work places

  • Trade: Lifting and lowering of sale and service facilities in retail and wholesale, in museums, in catering or hotel industry

      kitchen island
catering or large kitchen