Rigid locking in the direction of compression

Locking gas spring HY4
HY4 is the locking gas spring in the direction of compression.

The rigid locking gas spring in the direction of compression Varilock HY4 with tube diameter 28mm is recommended if relatively light applications are loaded with very heavy forces after locking and no flexibility is allowed. A sample application is its use for the tilt adjustment of massage tables and various other types of height adjustments.

Specification HY4

LockingRigid in compressive direction
In compression direction: rigid to [N] / max. load [N]10,000
In extension direction: rigid to [N] / max. load [N]4.8 x F1/ 7,000
Tube diameter [mm]28
Piston rod diameter [mm]10
Min. installation length excluding eyelet [mm]2.6 x stroke + 85
Stroke C [mm]10 - 300
Extension forces F1 [N]80 - 1,000
Progression ratio (F2/F1)< 1.6
Release force [N]0.25 x F1
Release travel, short [mm]< 0.5
Release travel, normal [mm]2.5≤ x ≤3.5
Recommended installation positionPiston rod pointing
Premissible operating temperature-20°C to + 60°C
Premissible storage temperature-20°C to + 80°C
Possible special functions in addition:
AntiShock ASX
EasySwitch ESX
TimeReset TRX
OverRide OR-
ComfortRelease CH/CLX

All Dimensions in Millimeters


One inch = 25.4 millimeters

One pound = 4.448 Newtons