Elastic locking

Elastic locking gas spring

The elastic locking gas springs EL1 and EL2 are recommended if the locking process if to be cushioned. Pulse-like peak loads can be dampened or even prevented. Typical applications are, for example, the adjustment of the backrests on office chairs and train seats.

Specification of EL1 / EL2


In compression direction:
max. load [N]
In extension direction:
max. load [N]
Tube diameter [mm]2228
Piston rod diameter [mm]1010
Min. installation length excluding eyelet [mm]2 x stroke + 702 x stroke + 70
Stroke C [mm]10 - 33910 - 450
Extension forces F1 [N]80 - 80080 - 1,000
Progression ratio (F2/F1)< 1.25< 1.2
Release force [N]0.25 x F10.25 x F1
Release travel, short [mm]< 0.5< 0.5
Release travel, normal [mm]2.5≤ x ≤3.52.5≤ x ≤3.5
Recommended installation positionPiston rod pointing downwardsPiston rod pointing downwards
Permissible operating temperature-20°C to +60°C-20°C to +60°C
Permissible storage temperature-20°C to +80°C-20°C to +80°C
Possible special functions in addition:
AntiShock ASXX
EasySwitch ESXX
TimeReset TR--
Override OR--
ComfortRelease CH/CLXX

All Dimensions in Millimeters


One inch = 25.4 millimeters

One pound = 4.448 Newtons