Mounting Brackets

  • New SUSPA® brackets simplify gas spring installation
  • Available in Black E-coat or Zinc coating
  • Black E-coat is ideal for applications that require corrosion resistance
  • Purchasing brackets along with your gas springs will save you time and money
  • Additional styles and sizes may be available upon special request
  • Brackets are shipped loose (not assembled to gas springs)
  • Brackets not recommended for gas spring forces over 100lbs

P67-00208 (Zinc)       P67-00209 (Black E-Coat)


P67-00202 (Zinc)       P67-00203 (Black E-Coat)


P67-00200 (Zinc)       P67-00201 (Black E-Coat)


P67-00204 (Zinc)       P67-00205 (Black E-Coat)


P67-00206 (Zinc)       P67-00207 (Black E-Coat)