Gas springs with dynamic damping

Gas spring with groove
Gas spring with groove

Gas springs with groove (frequently also known as gas spring with dynamic damping) are characterised by the fact that they can be installed in the flap irrespective of the position. Therefore gas springs with groove (groove gas spring) work in any installed position.

Gas pressure springs with groove also allow for a tailor-made design of the damping characteristics. The extension speed can be controlled individually along the entire stroke by adapting the groove cross sections.

Individual specification to meet customer requirements

The groove is designed individually to meet customer specifications and pulled inside the pressure tube using a special production process. If a groove gas spring is used, the damping characteristics of the gas spring can be defined in such a way that the flap is guided gently into its end position when closing (end position damping). Therefore the advantage of a groove gas springs lies mainly in the fact that the materials used (e.g. joints, hinges) are treated particularly sparingly or are less stressed.

Spring characteristics

The gas spring with groove now offers the option of providing tailor-made spring characteristics. But to do this, an individual analysis of the application and the technical requirements is necessary to allow the longitudinal groove to be cut in the pressure tube.


  • Extension speed is defined
  • Automatic and noiseless opening function
  • Smoothly cushioned movement throughout the entire opening procedure
  • Gently slowing down the door / lid as it reaches full extension