SUSPA gas springs product range

SUSPA® gas springs are used to offset weight or to support the activation of moving components. Pushing, lifting, lowering, pulling and positioning in a controlled manner is possible with SUSPA® gas springs.

Compared to other compression spring parts such as plate springs, rubber springs or coil springs, SUSPA® gas springs differ by their flat spring characteristics (low force increase), the largest possible pretensioning, settable extension speed, low weight and highly modifiable forces for the same dimensions. In addition, SUSPA® offers its customers a range of special functions and special fittings when designing their gas springs.

Dimensions of the gas springs

Standard SUSPA® gas springs have the dimensions listed in the table below: (See our standard gas spring PDF)

Type Extension force (N) Stroke max. (mm) ∅  Piston rod (mm) ∅ Tube (mm)
16-1    60-350       150          6      15
16-2    60-600       250          8      19
16-3    85-535       285          8      22
16-4    100-1000       395         10      22
16-6    200-2200       500         14      28

If you have a requirement different that listed above please contact us to discuss custom options.