We differentiate between pure vibration dampers (friction dampers) and vibration dampers with integrated suspension function (spring legs and suspension struts). These products are delivered in high quantities to worldwide manufactures of washing machines.

Friction dampers (FD)


  • RD 10: The standard vibration damper with variable length
  • RD 12: The proven basic solution for higher application temperatures
  • RD 18: Damper with a good price-performance ratio
  • RD 35: "Heavy Duty" design solution with an extended service life - specifically designed for commercial washing
  • RD 10 FK: Friction damper with soft-start characteristics
  • RD 32 FK: For higher-level applications
  • RD 32 FKS: With integrated stroke sensor
  • RD 18 FL: Breakthrough for washing machines on wooden floors
  • Mounting elements


Spring legs (SL)


  • FB 006: Integrated suspension with an external spring
  • FB 008: Integrated suspension with an internal spring
  • FB 006 FK: Soft-start system spring leg with an external spring
  • Mounting elements


Suspension strut