2-tube damper

2-tube damper

Two tubes with unlike diameters are arranged concentrically. The inner tube represents the working area. The space between the inner and outer tubes is the balance chamber that accommodates the oil displaced by the retracting piston rod. The twin-tube dampers can be obtain as adjustable and non-adjustable models It is possible to set the freely adjustable damping forces differently - both in the direction of extension and compression as required. Especially worthy of mention is the extremely light weight of the damper - achieved by the use of an aluminium outer tube.

  • Diameter of outer tube 34 mm oval (aluminium tube) and 38 mm round (aluminium tube)
  • Diameter of piston rod 10 mm
  • Damping force max. 6000 N
  • Without extension force F1
  • Fixed position (installation with piston rod pointing upward)


Special features:


  • Damping force freely adjustable
  • Various damping forces in the direction of extension and compression possible


Sample applications: