Shock absorbers / oscillation dampers

Our dampers (hydraulic damper HD) differ by tube diameter, piston rod diameter, force classes and by the different types:

Designation∅Tube ∅ Piston rodForce classes
HD 1212 mm4 mm50-400 N
HD 1515 mm6 mm50-500 N
HD 1818 mm8 mm50-2,000 N
HD 2222 mm10 mm50-2,500 N
HD 2525 mm8 mm100-5,000 N
HD 2828 mm14 mm50-2,500 N
HD 3434 mm8 mm100-5,000 N
HD 3838 mm10 mm100-6,000 N

It should be noted that the force classes (damping forces) can change at higher test speeds.

Different types

The sizes given in the above table are available with the following types depending on application:

Special features of the type

Type Idle stroke Independence of position Extension force Adjustability
Basic damperyesnonono
Twin-tube dampernononoyes

Selection matrix

Damper typesBasicGD GDTKBVBVMtwin-tube
HD 12xx
HD 15xx
HD 18xxx
HD 22xx
HD 25xxxx
HD 28xx
HD 34x
HD 38x