Pedestrian protection systems

The protection of pedestrians in accidents with cars is the goal of the new EU legislation by Working Group 17. The newly developed

SUSPA® - Hood Lifting System creates a deformation path for pedestrian head impact in the blink of an eye and helps to save lives. Despite the tight fit under the hood, the new requirements have been met without affecting the vehicle design.



  • different systems for the activation of the hood lifting system available
  • full reversible activated by compressed gases
  • activated by pyrotechnics
  • system solutions: actuator, hinge and gas spring
  • with damping in both directions
  • locking device available
  • direction of the hood movement adaptable to the vehicle




  • large hood lifting stroke
  • short lifting time
  • easy adaptation to different requirements like opening time, hood weight and stroke
  • multiple full reversible function e. g. for false triggering (compressed gas principle)
  • easily reversible and failsafe when reset (pyrotechnical principle)
  • small space requirement and variable packaging
  • energy absorbing