Occupant protection systems

Passive safety systems protect the vehicle occupants in a crash as a result of their restraining function combined with their ability to absorb crash energy. Optimally adjusted systems reduce the loads and the risk of injury.

SUSPA® - occupant protection components open new ways for system design by using their adaptive and simultaneously adjustable energy absorbing ability.

SUSPA®develops the best solution for every conceivable application, either linear or rotational.



  • integration of comfort functions e. g. steering column adjustment
  • filled with solid silicone - speed dependent
  • highly efficient in accordance with the reforming principle




  • High dynamic energy absorbing
  • Linear or rotational
  • Speed dependent damping
  • Self-adaptive
  • Highly efficient
  • Smallest mounting dimensions
  • Low weight
  • Wide force range




  • seat belt / belt retractor: speed dependent rotation damper
  • steering column / controls: threaded spindle with energy absorption element
  • driver's seat: head restraints with whiplash damper

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