Powered flaps & doors

Powered doors, tailgates and trunk lids

Drive systems for trunk lids, tailgates and doors provide brilliant performance in ergonomics and comfort. In this range, our customers benefit from 50 years of experience in the development and production of gas springs, spring struts and hydraulic dampers, as well as from our strategic orientation on design and production of actuator systems since 1997. SUSPA® offers a high level of competencies and synergies to assist our design & development partner and to coordinate system responsibility with a sophisticated knowledge of electromechanical and electrohydraulic drives, particularly on the complete “liftgate" system with all its relevant factors (e.g. temperature, inclination, friction, seals, etc.). SUSPA® fine tunes the kinematics layout and selects the ideal combination of spring support and actuator. SUSPA® provides adjustment and supply of standard parts used as opening aids and powered systems from one source. Based upon our existing concepts for powered trunk lids, tailgates or doors, we develop a customized system for specific requirements and the particular installation position wanted by our customer - from the complete solution with controlled opening and closing, programmable intermediate positions and processing of environmental influences (like inclination and temperature) to a cost-optimized closing drive for self opening trunk lids.

Closing drive for limousines with self-opening trunk lid

Closing drive for limousines

In the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class a new type of trunk lid from SUSPA® will be premiered. The SUSPA module will ensure that the trunk lid closes harmoniously at the press of a button. The drive guarantees symmetrical application of force to both hinges and so ensures low load on the rear chassis structure. The tailgate can be operated manually at any time without loss of convenience and in the usual way. In conjunction with the electronic control unit in the vehicle, the system offers a fine-touch anti-trap protection. In addition, an integrated, mechanical overload protection protects the drive and bodywork parts against damage in the event of misuse. The priorities in design and development were cost optimization based on a high level of integration of the motor components into the drive unit and a consistent focusing on the greatest possible acoustic decoupling to keep noise emission at the lowest level.