Gas springs and adjustment systems in hospital beds and massage tables

Locking and non-locking gas springs

Gas springs (locking and non-locking) are used in hospital beds, treatment and massage tables or OP tables. They are used to adjust the angle of the seat, the backrest or to set the leg supports to prevent embolisms. Our gas springs are user friendly, offer exact positioning, any adjustment and need no maintenance.

System solutions

As a system solution, we offer preset locking gas springs with release mechanism, Bowden cable and plastic lever. SUSPA will ensures that Varilock matches your application perfectly thanks to the addition of parts such as dust caps and completely pre-fitted components from a single supplier.

Adjustment systems

Our Movotec hydraulic height adjustment system and electromechanic height adjustment system SMS are brilliantly suited to adjusting the height of beds and couches. Movotec and SMS offer ergonomics and comfort for patients and nursing staff.

Our products for beds and couches: