Piston rods and tubes

Piston rods and tubes

SUSPA manufactures rotary and translatory piston rods, shafts and tubes. With our many decades of expertise, we specialise in core competencies such as turning, hardening, grinding, surface coating and polishing. Each component produced in this production division meets the highest standards for exact manufacturing tolerance and surface quality.

Technical description:

  • Diameter of piston rods: 4 mm - 28 mm
  • Diameter of tubes: 4 mm - 70 mm
  • Length of 35 mm - 700 mm
  • Roughness Ra 0,05 µm / Rz 0,5 µm
  • Surface refinement: salt bath or gas nitration, DLC, browning, galvanising, passivating

Manufacturing Competencies:

CNC turning

We can offer you economical complete machining operation with our up-to-date multi-axis CNC turning machines in one clamping setup.


Inductive continuous hardening guarantees the hardening of precisely defined areas according to your exact requirements. A technology that can be adapted to your individual demands.

Centerless grinding

SUSPA grinding lines work at high processing speeds with optimum efficiency. Depending on material and diameter requirements, surface qualities with roughness specifications up to Ra 0.1 µm can be obtained.

Surface treatment

By hard chrome plating, salt bath nitriting, DLC, burnishing, galvanizing and passivation, your components obtain a high resistance to corrosion and wear. This means high endurance over the entire life of the product.


We can guarantee you mirror-like polished surfaces with our optimal finish grinding method - without material loss.


Providing our components in the desired lot size to meet your logistic requirements goes without saying.