AntiShock AS: comfort and safety

AntiShock for comfort and safety

The locking gas spring with the "AntiShock" module detects the load condition of the application and reacts accordingly. When used in an office chair with dynamic free-swinging, the Varilock with AntiSchock provides the user with a smooth moving action (comfort function). In addition, it will return the non-loaded backrest slowly from the reclined to the vertical position when released. Thus it will avoid the so-called catapult effect (safety function).

In the case of height-adjustable tables which have a low intrinsic weight but are subjected to high loads when in use (Varilock with a high extension force), the Varilock allows a quick height adjustment of the loaded table and, thanks to AntiShock, also prevents the tabletop rising up too quickly when the empty, unloaded table is released.