Release head with bowden cable

Release head

axial release: cable mounted parallel to gas spring

Force ratioEyelet 8 mmEyelet 10 mm
        1:2  02150106  02150107

90° release: cable mounted perpendicular to gas spring

Force ratioEyelet 8 mmEyelet 10 mm
        1:2  02152022   02152021

axial release with higher force ratio

Force ratioEyelet 8 mmEyelet 10 mmComments
        1:6  02152005  02152008
        1:10  02152006  02152009
        1:20  02152007  02152010
        1:6  02152015  02152018with resetting spring*
        1:10  02152016  02152019

with resetting spring*

        1:20  02152017  02152020with resetting spring*

*Recommended for low actuation forces in order to help achieve complete resetting of the actuation element.

Release levers


      Type 1Type 2      Type 3

Buttons with various finishes 

02152041          02160013        02152040



Bowden cables

SUSPA supplies a wide variety of bowden cables in various lengths and designs. They can be operated by means of buttons and/or levers.

The following parameters and properties can be adjusted/selected:
length, color, fittings, diameter, low friction casing, cables and adjustment elements.

If you select a combination of release head and release lever from SUSPA, we just need the information of total length to define the bowden cable type. If you use your own release lever, we can adapt the bowden cable to your requirements. 

Type 1
Type 2