• Elegant design with round tubes
  • Precise, quiet guide system
  • Rigid or elastic locking in any position
  • Constant force, independent of position
  • Non-rotational column
  • Large adjustment range despite short installation length
  • Quick and easy to adjust
  • Plug & Play assembly
  • OverRide-function: tabletop can be lifted without activating the release (optional)


In the Varistand table column, locking gas springs HY6 or EL2 are installed.

Features Values
Diameter ∅ 75 / ∅ 70 mm
Stroke max. 450 mm
(Standards 415 / 225)
Length when compressed (Lcompressed) Stroke + 166 mm
Length when extended (Lextended) Lcompressed + Stroke (max. 1,065 mm)
Stroke force From 70 N (16 Ibs) up to 400 N (90 Ibs),
according to weight of tabletop or application
Surface finishingChrome plated, powder-coated (RAL colors)
Activation / release Lever, cable release
Tabletop fitting Flange adapter (with 12 drillholes,
distance 32 mm)
Base fitting Flange or tapered cone adapter
Non-rotation function standard
OverRide function optional

Furhter types on request.

Product catalogue 

FeaturesOrdering number
Diameter                         75 / 70 mm
Stroke 415 mm225 mm415 mm 225 mm
Length when compressed  625 mm435 mm625 mm435 mm
Length when extended 1,040 mm660 mm1,040 mm660 mm
Stroke force 120 N

120 N

120 N120 N
Surface finishingchromechromesilver greysilver grey
Activation / releaseBowden Wire Release System L=280 mm
Tabletop fittingFlange adapter
Base fitting Flange with Hole-pattern 3 x M6, Ø 58 mm
Non-rotation functionstandard
OverRide functionnone

Sample applications:

  • Bistro tables
  • Side tables in kitchens
  • School desks
  • Lecterns
  • Overbed tables in hospitals