"Design Guidelines"

  • Single Acting

    Movotec Lift Systems are single acting. That means lifting a load is done with the action of a hand crank or motor, and lowering is accomplished with the help of gravity. Each cylinder requires 9-14 kg for the retraction stroke. Keep this in mind when lifting light loads or when the load on the work surface may be unevenly distributed. Lower load applications may be achieved with optional tubing or shorter tubing lengths.
  • Uneven Loading/Load Distribution

    Movotec Lift Systems are designed to handle uneven load distributions on work surfaces. The maximum load on the work surface should not exceed the rated lift capacity of the system. The maximum load per cylinder is not allowed to exceed the nominal power lift capacity divided through the amount of cylinder x 1,5.
  • Duty Cycle

    Movotec Lift Systems are designed with a 10 % duty cycle. This means that for every minute of operation, a system should remain idle for nine minutes. Movotec Lift Systems are not designed for continuous operation.
  • Operating Temperature

    Movotec Lift Systems perform best with operating temperatures between
    0 °C and 45 °C.
  • Tubing Length

    Predetermined hydraulic tubing lengths are listed in our catalogue. Excess tubing can easily be coiled. If you have unique tubing length requirements, please let us know. A ratio of tubing length of 1 : 3 should be maintained. (Minimum tubing length 0,5 m - maximum tubing length 5 m).
  • Tubing Radius

    The hydraulic lines that connect the pump to the lift cylinders should be positioned so that the radius of the tubing is not less than 50 mm.
  • Durability Testing

    Movotec Lift Systems are regularly tested to ensure the system performs flawlessly for at least 10.000 full up/down cycles under full load.

"Standards and Compliance"

  • CE

    Components and Systems are defined as partly completed machines under the scope of the Machine Safety Directive 2006/42/EC. Components and Movotec Lift Systems assemblies have been designed with essential health and safety requirements in mind.
  • Underwriter´s Laboratory

    In combination, the SUSPA Movotec gear motor, controller and cable are UL recognized under UL file: E258745.
  • Hydraulic Fluid

    Movotec NT15 Oil a specially formulated food-grade lubricant used in all Movotec  systems and applications. Movotec NT15 is clear, odorless and safe for incidental food contact. Movotec NT15 Oil is registered with the National Sanitation Foundation under number 132507. 
  • RoHS - Reduction of Hazardous Substances

    SUSPA understands it responsibility as a steward of the enviroment. As a result, SUSPA Movotec components meet the requirements of the Europeon Union RoHS Directive.