Hydraulic height adjustment (Movotec)

Hydraulisches Höhenverstellsystem von SUSPA

General system description

The Movotec adjustment system consists of cylinders and a pump driven by a crank or an electric motor. The drive delivered pushes the oil from the pump into the cylinders or from the cylinders back to the pump. This means that the cylinders are extended and retracted within the set adjustment range (stroke).
The Movotec product range is made up of the following system variations:


1. Bolt-On System (retrofit system)

The Bolt-on system is supplied as a kit for retrofitting. The retrofit system allows you to retrofit your work table, which you have not been able to adjust so far, with a few handles and make it height adjustable as a result.


2. Corner Leg System (lifting column with ready-to-install square legs) 

The Corner leg system is supplied with ready-to-install square legs made of the customary aluminium profiles. You can put together an individual height-adjustable table based on the ready-to-install square legs supplied.


3. ATU System (table adjustment system) 

The ATU system (Aluminum Telescoping Uprights) is a complete table adjustment system based on two legs (minus tabletop).

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