Electromechanical height adjustment

Movotec SpindleMotorSystem (SMS)

The new SUSPA height adjustment system, Movotec SpindleMotorSystem SMS, combines the power and reliability of the proven Movotec hydraulic system with the advantages of an electrical spindle drive. In addition, it has the advantages of easy assembly which an electrical system offers.

Up to four legs can be driven and synchronized by means of one control box. The need for a central pump is eliminated. The mechanical system works without the use of hydraulic fluid, and apart from the ecological benefit, it provides the technical innovation that now, you can even have loads in the direction of tension. The cylinders are optimal for OEM or retrofit applications based on the very compact design and the ease of fixture.


Installation dimension
CB Housing Profile35 mm

mm             STEP-file
Length compressed with 300 mm stroke635 mm
Length extended with 300 mm stroke935 mm
Perfomance data
Max. extension force600 kg
Speed∼ 8 mm / s


  Medicine and Reha Engineering: 
  • Comfortable and safe lifting and lowering of stretchers
  • Autopsy tables
  • Entry / Exit assistances (e.g. height adjustment for bath tubs)
  • Incubator
physiotherapy table
  • Workbenches
  • Conveyors
  • Assembly lines
  • Machines
Furniture Industry:
  • Kitchen: Height adjustment of kitchen islands, sinks, working tables and other kitchen facilities

  • Work place: Height adjustment of stand-alone and group work places

  • Trade: Lifting and lowering of sale and service facilities in retail and wholesale, in museums, in catering or hotel industry

      kitchen island
catering or large kitchen