Height adjustment

Our height adjustment systems for tables offer you a perfect solution for designing your tables to become both height-adjustable and ergonomic. These systems are suitable for a wide range of tables, such as side tables, office desks and industrial working places. 


ELS office sector:
The electric height adjustment system 
for sit to stand workplaces

ELS HeavyDuty


ELS HeavyDuty:
The electric height adjustment system 
for heavy loads in the industrial sector

The hydraulic height adjustment system
with a high loading capacity


Movotec SpindleMotorSystem (SMS):

The electromechanic height adjustment system
with a high loading capacity


VariStand and VariBase:
The pneumatic height adjustment system
for table columns

Benefits of the height adjustment systems

VariStand /
Promotes healthxxxx
Increases productivityxxxx
Increases the work qualityxxxx
Heavy dutyxx
Useable without powerxx



  • Promotes health
    Approximately 10 % of all diseases are caused by back pain. With our height adjustment system you can take preventive health measures and reduce the sickness rate or the default risk of your employees.

  • Increases productivity
    Due to today‘s just-in-time and desksharing, often several employees have to share one workplace. With the height adjusmtent systems of SUSPA you can adapt the environment to the staff and not the staff to the environment. Thus, the employees can carry out their work better and more productively.

  • Increases the work quality
    As the concentration increases demonstrably by 20 % when working at a standing work station, you can improve the motivation and work quality and at the same time you can guarantee a concentrated and consistent operation method with our systems.

  • Retrofit
    By means of the flexible usability of the table base frame ELS3 you can combine our ELS3 range of lifting columns with different table tops for your individual sit to stand workplace. You can design ergonomic machines, workbenches, assembly workplaces, conveyor belts etc. by a subsequent uprgrade with the SUSPA height adjustment system „Movotec“ or „Movotec – Spindle Motor System“. Due to the small design and an easy mounting, the lifting elements can be integrated with little installation efforts.

  • Heavy duty
    High loads of machines, production facilities or work places can be adjusted effortlessly with the „Movotec system“ or „Movotec – Spindle Motor System“. Up to eight liftling elements can be synchronised and carry loads up to 907 kg with the „Movotec system“. The electromechanic system „ Movotec – SMS“ can lift up to 1.200 kg.

  • Useable without power
    Our systems are also useable without electrical  supply. To lift heavy loads easily and effectively the “Movotec system" uses a hand crank and the pneumatic elements “VariStand” and “VariBase” use a lever.