TipUp® - opening system for storage beds

The innovative mechanism defines the concept for opening and closing storage beds completely new. The bed can be opened, closed and stopped in any position effortless with just one finger.

TipUp® fits to any type of bed frame, if wooden or steel, spring wood frame or box spring and is useable for loads between 25 and 100 kg. This is ensured by the key component of the system using a gas spring with different lifting forces. Since the system can even be assembled in four different mounting positions, the range of gas springs can be reduced to a minimum.


The new SUSPA gas spring with a special damper and “AntiShock” –function not only ensures comfort, but especially increases the safety during closing. The system can be assembled without any special tools just requiring an Allen key and the assembly time per bed is reduced by over 65% compared to traditional systems. TipUp® is manufactured from fiberglass reinforced polyamide which makes it especially light and compact.

SUSPA provides the whole system including gas springs, polyamide fittings and screws.